2016 ICLSE



International Conference on Life Science and Engineering

March 08-10, 2016 Bangkok, Thailand

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Keynote Speech


Smart Grid and the Role of Electric Vehicle to Support the Electricity Grid during the Peak Demand
 Ahmad Zahedi
Associate Professor 
College of Science, Technology, and Engineering
James Cook University, Queensland, Australia

Summary of Keynote Speech

Electric Vehicle (EV) can be integrated into the electricity network (Grid) easily and conveniently. Electric vehicles present a new demand for electricity during the periods that they need to be charged and also can play an important role as distributed storage devices that could supply electric power back into the grid.

One of the benefits is that EV can help the electricity network during those periods that network is facing peak demand. The second benefit is that EV would be able to help shifting the grid load from high-demand time to a low-demand time. The third benefit is that EV would help smoothening variations in power generation caused by variable and intermittent renewable sources such as solar energy and wind power. This benefit is very important because in the near future we will see more renewable and intermittent energy sources will be connected to the so called smart grid.

The objective of this talk is to present the results of a study conducted to examine the potential benefits of electric vehicles as distributed energy storage devices in a smart grid environment. In this talk the issues, challenges, and evaluating potential values of the EV’s batteries to the electricity grid will be discussed.

About the Speaker

Associate Professor Ahmad Zahedi is with the college of Science, Technology, and Engineering of James Cook University, Queensland, Australia. Educated in Iran and Germany, Ahmad is author or co-author of more than 180 publications including 4 books, and has trained 20 postgraduate candidates at PhD and Master level, has examined more than 50 PhD and Master Thesis, and completed 15 research and industry-funded projects. Ahmad has 26 years tertiary teaching and research and 6 years industry experience.

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